Are you in search of Peace in this restless world. Are you seeking a kind of peace that is deep, rich and satisfying? The only place to find it is in Jesus Christ, the son of God. He is the prince of peace. The word of God says in John 14:27, “peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you, not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” He is the giver and distributor of peace, the peace the world can not give, because it is a different kind of peace.

This peace Makes the totality of the body to be at rest (soul, spirit and body), in spite of any predicament you find yourself in. Why is this so? It is because your focus is on Jesus Christ. The word of God says, He will keep in perfect peace whose heart is stayed on Him ( Isaiah 26:3). Your focus should not be centred around your situation, if you continue to fill your mind with what you are going through, it will be impossible to access this peace. In order to have this peace, your focus should be on God and His word.

When our Lord Jesus was on earth during His ministry, he was never confused about any situation, he was never stressed concerning any matter. His focus was always on His heavenly father, he was constantly in communion  with His father. Jesus is our role model, He is our example to follow in order to get the same result of peace He had all the time.

If you are experiencing lack of peace, joy and contentment, why don’t you call on Jesus to help you. Once you say “help me Lord Jesus to have your peace”, I promise you, help will be on the way. There is nothing compared to having God’s kind of peace, So come on, join the club, it is free!


Author: shalom miracle ministry

Yahweh Shalom - God our peace

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