The word of God is alive and powerful (Hebrews 4:12). When you keep the word of God in your heart, meditate and study it, it has the power to turn negative situations around. In order for someone to have victory in this life, it is vital to build ones life around the word of God. Below are some of  the many benefits that can take place in your life as you go after the word.
1. The word quicken dead things to come alive.
2. It heals broken heart.
3. It cleanses your heart and mind.
4. Build and repair relationships.
5. It brings joy and happiness.
6. It creates peace.
7.  Yokes are destroyed.
8. It sets you free from bondages and oppression.
9. The word gives you hope for the future.
10. Through the word, you develop faith and trust in God.
11. It renews your mind.
12. It empowers you for supernatural breakthroughs.
13. The word brings down God’s glory in a man’s life.
14. The word creates holiness and righteous living.
15. The word causes growth and maturity in Christ.
16. The word drives out fear.
17. It creates a sound mind.
18. The word brings wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
19. It gives you the ability to love and forgive.
20. Through the word satan is defeated.
21. The word produces power.
22. It gives strength to the weak.
23. The word drives you towards progress.
24. It creates good success.
25. Through the word, your salvation is sure and your inheritance is delivered to you.
26. Through the word, God speaks to you.

As you study the word of God, He reveals His will for your life. Make the word a priority in you life, you will never go wrong, may God bless you as you do so.

Author: Eunice Odiase Imatitikua.